Leadership roles

There are many opportunities for youth justice workers to build on their skill set and take on roles with more responsibility. 

Unit supervisor

The unit supervisor manages the day-to-day operations and security arrangements within a custodial residential unit, as well as guiding and supporting the unit staff.  

Unit coordinator

The unit coordinator oversees all aspects of case management for young people in a custodial facility. This includes making sure that case management processes are in place, reporting standards are met and that young people are engaged in programs and services that match their case planning goals. The unit coordinator also provides mentoring and professional supervision to a team of youth justice workers.

Unit manager

The Unit Manager takes overall responsibility for operations, security, and young person and staff management for a custodial residential unit.

Operations manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the youth justice precinct. The operations manager oversees compliance and monitoring systems and the is the supervisor of unit managers.


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Safety and Emergency Response

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