Koori candidates

We're proud to be an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Koori) inclusive workplace and are committed to increasing the number of Kooris employed across all of our roles. Working towards a 2.5 per cent Koori workforce, we have a range of supports available for Koori applicants.  

Our dedicated Koori Employment Team can support you throughout the application process, to give you advice and continue to develop your skills once you start your role. 

We also have a dedicated Koori Staff Network - with over 100 members. The network gives peer support, state-wide networking and career development opportunities for our Koori staff.

We are committed to creating a culturally diverse workplace and make time to celebrate significant Koori events and dates across the department, such as Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week and Sorry Day. We also deliver an engaging Koori Cultural Awareness Program for all staff across the department.

To find out more or to have a chat with our Koori Employment Team, call 03 8684 1751.