Who are you?

A youth justice worker's ability to build constructive, honest and respectful relationships with those in their care is essential to achieve a positive outcome. There are also some other traits we look for.

First of all, are you ...

✔ Over 18 years old


✔ An Australian citizen or 
    permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand with a valid passport or
    a non-citizen with a valid visa that provides you work rights

If so, you are eligible to apply for a role as a Youth Justice Worker.

What We Look For

No matter your specific role in youth justice, there are certain qualities you should possess to ensure you thrive in the environment and can make a real difference. You’ll need to be:

A clear, respectful communicator – You will be someone our young offenders can trust and respect. You will be able to speak on their level

Non-judgemental – You will be working with young offenders from a wide variety of personal backgrounds

Resilient – There will be challenges, but you will overcome them and continue to work with vigour and purpose

A self-manager – Though you will be working within a team, you will still need to take accountability for your own workload

A conflict manager – You will need to clearly and calmly respond to conflict situations and diffuse tensions

Keen to take the initiative – You will have to think on your feet constantly, using your training and knowledge of departmental policy to guide your day-to-day problem solving.

Interpersonal skills – You will have the ability to build professional relationships with young people

Team work – You enjoy working as part of a team and understanding your role in it

Environmental scanning – You understand how to implement safety and security protocols to minimize risk

What skills & experience do you need?

You will succeed as a youth justice worker by adapting your life experience to effectively manage the challenging behaviours of young people. Our ongoing training opportunities will also assist you in your efforts to provide a rehabilitative and safe environment. No previous work experience in a similar role is required, although working with young people in a professional, voluntary or extra-curricular environment is highly regarded. A relevant qualification is also highly regarded, but is not required.

Medical Assessment

The Department of Justice and Regulation is committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees. To achieve this, the department strives to ensure that employees do not undertake work that they are not suited for, or which may exacerbate an existing injury or medical condition. For some roles it is necessary to assess each applicant's medical status and the risk of injury when performing the requirements of the role.