Safety and Emergency Response

Safety and Emergency Response Team members provide important monitoring and support of all activities throughout youth justice centres.

Safety and Emergency Response Team (SERT)

The SERT take a lead role in responding to incidents and supporting staff in managing incidents in the best way. SERT members use de-escalation and negotiation techniques and provide direction and advice to staff. They are also accountable for a range of tasks that ensure the safe operation of the centre. SERT members receive specific induction and training related to the role prior to commencing, and must successfully meet set benchmarks.

Unit Supervisor (SERT)

The SERT Supervisor trains and coaches SERT in incident management techniques such as de-escalation and negotiation, and provides direction and advice to the SERT. The SERT supervisor is also responsible for a range of other tasks that ensure the security and safe operation of the centre. 

Unit Manager (SERT)

The SERT Manager is responsible for overseeing all admissions of young people to the custodial facility and for managing the day to day operations of the SERT. The SERT Manager is also responsible for the monitoring of compliance measures relating to safety and security.